Ginseng Benefits

The number of ginseng benefits could really surprise a lot of people, especially those who haven’t really tried using any herb for improving their way of life. This has been known traditionally as a tonic for the entire body, but recent scientific research has proved that this particular perennial plant could provide significant favorable changes both mentally and physically.

Three main species of ginseng have been widely used throughout the world. The most prevalent, however, is Panax ginseng, which is mainly due to its superiority among other species in terms of potency. American ginseng is also famous being a component for a variety of herbal products. Siberian ginseng, on the other hand, belongs to a different genus but is under the same family.

People could attain the various ginseng benefits through the plant’s root, which could be available in powdered or in extract form. Some use the dried leaves of this plant, but its effect is not as potent as the roots.

As based on several studies, boosting mood, enhancing memory, and improving resistance to physical and mental stress are among the many benefits that one could attain from using ginseng. Despite the effectiveness of the plant as a stand-alone herb, these ginseng benefits are said to be amplified when it is used in conjunction with Ginkgo Biloba.

Ginseng is believed to hold adaptogenic properties. This means that it could help normalize the body by coping with various types of stress, allowing it to function well and treating different imbalances.

Lowering cholesterol levels may also be among the different ginseng benefits. Scientific studies showed that daily administration of this herb helps in improving antioxidant activity in the body. In addition, lipid levels (LDL cholesterol) could be reduced.

The adaptogenic properties of ginseng also include normalizing the blood sugar levels, which is beneficial for diabetic patients, and keeping hormonal levels in women and men balanced.

Ginseng has been seen to help boost immune system and act as a natural detoxifier. The herb has an ability to keep the adrenal glands, thyroid, and liver in good health. It is also a potential remedy to a number of diseases, which may include cancer.

Slowing the growth of cancer cells is one of the most controversial among the various ginseng benefits. This specific ability of ginseng is not yet proven, but according to lab tests, the herb contains anticancer properties, which is attributed to its ginsenosides.

The most popular of all ginseng benefits maybe boosting male sexual health, which is evident with the numerous herbal sexual enhancement supplements including ginseng as among their main ingredients. It is thought to provide aphrodisiac properties through stimulation of the hypothalamus. This results in improving the production of sex hormones to stimulate healing and cell growth in the sexual organs.

Those who are experiencing stress, depressions, and drug dependencies (methamphetamines, cocaine, etc.) may also benefit from ginseng. Research has shown the effect of ginseng injections in increasing adrenocorticotropic hormone or ACTH, as well as adrenaline levels. This leads to enhancing the adrenal glands’ ability to cope with stress and prevent Addison’s disease and other similar illnesses that are caused by the burning-out of the adrenal glands.

The recommended dosage of ginseng is about 250-500mg when in capsule form. It may also be taken in daily doses of 1 teaspoon of its extract.

While there are some scientific studies showing these ginseng benefits, others rather show effects that are no different from a placebo, and some even indicate that it aggravates the patient’s current condition. Research regarding ginseng’s ability to improve various aspects of the body is ongoing, but a lot of individuals still use this herb for its believed capabilities.

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