Ginseng Energy Drinks

The energy drink market has exploded with eager customers over the past few years. You often hear claims of how these products will boost your energy level and overall make life more enjoyable. What most energy drink marketers don’t tell you is exactly how their products work.

With names like 5 hour energy or Monster drink you’re led to believe all one has to do is drink the substance and be instantly energized. While this is true to a point, some energy drinks do more harm than good because of the ingredients used. The main ingredient in most energy drinks is caffeine, while this drug is safe in small amounts it can cause some short term and long term problems when taken in large doses.

What About Ginseng Energy Drinks

Recently I’ve seen a large amount of products claiming to use the energy boosting effects of ginseng. I’ve seen phrases like “boost your energy with ginseng”, “loaded with ginseng extract” or “all natural ginseng drink”. These products are fine in theory, however, in most cases you’ll find the real energy effects a person experiences comes from the caffeine and not the small amount of ginseng the drink contains.

If you’re looking for an energy drink which contains ginseng you’ll find plenty of products. Just don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a healthy way to get your ginseng fix because in most cases it’s not. Although ginseng can give instant energy boost in some people for most the the benefits of ginseng comes with prolonged use over time. For this reason I think it’s much better to use a ginseng supplement or vitamin which contains ginseng.

Let me also add I don’t think most energy drinks are dangerous for adults when used in moderation. Personally I don’t like the taste of most energy drinks which is why I don’t drink them. But if you like them, then drink away just don’t be fooled into thinking your getting the benefits of ginseng through energy drinks.

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